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I use Photoshop CSII.

1. Crop your picture like this:

2. Then if your base is too dark, make it more light. My base doesn't need it, so I make the another step.

3. New layer ( Layer > New > Layer...) -> then fill with: #6dcff6 (pastel cyan) -> set it to color burn 100%. You get this:

4. Grab the texture and bring it to your pic:
- set it to screen 100% ->

5. New layer, fill with: #293D5E -> set it to exclusion 100%

6. Then go to your base, duplicate it (Layer>Duplicate Layer...) & bring it to the TOP! (All of the layers are under this duplicated pic!) > then set it to soft light 100%

7. New layer, fill with: #072049 -> set it to exclusion 100%

8. Duplicate your base and bring it to the TOP again - > set it to screen 100%

9. Then go to: Layer>New adjustment layer>Curves, and use this parameters: RGB 120/145

10. Again: Layer>New adjustment layer>Curves, and use: RGB: 33/0

11. Layer > New adjustment layer > Curves, and use: Red: 137/124 and Blue: 204 203

12. Go to Layer > New adjustment layer > Hue/Saturation, and set the saturation +55!

And you're DONE!!! :) I think it's very pretty and useful coloring, just try it out! I mean, it seems to be a little bit difficult, but if you make it the 2nd time, it's verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry easy and quick! :) ENJOY it!


-please credit lindabree or i_love_graphix if you use it
-if you want to know my other colorings too, friend the community (i_love_graphix), because I'll make mooooore tutorials, if I have mooooooore members! :)
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